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Kung Fu is one of China's oldest arts! Here are 9 unknown facts about it that you will definitely find intriguing!

1. It began as a military combat art.

Though legends also say that it began as a form of dance!


2. Shaolin Monks are not the creators of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu existed in China much before Shaolin Monks adopted this art, though it became more refined after it came into the hand of Shaolin monks.


3. Origin of Kung Fu might be Indian.

The most recognizable form of Kung Fu is thought to have come from Buddhist Buddhabhadra, who is from India. He spent a lot of time in China and helped establish Shaolin Monastery.


4. Kung Fu is not actually the right word and it does not mean martial arts.

Word ‘Kung Fu’ means ‘a skilled person’ and ‘wushu’ means martial arts. ‘Kung Fu Wushu’ completes the word in true sense!


5. Kung Fu training center is called ‘Kwoon’.

On entering Kwoon, a person is supposed to bend 45 degrees as shown below. This gesture shows the complete cycle of yin and yang.


6. Kung Fu is all about ‘Chi’, which means spiritual energy.

Kung Fu was taught to allow flow of spiritual energy. Shaolin monks combined their art of ‘Tai Chi’ with Kung Fu and it became the art we know today!


7. Kung Fu was illegal to practice in groups in most dynasties.

Kung Fu was allowed only in monasteries and temples. It wasn’t until 1900s that such bans were completely revoked in all of China.


8. The best time to start learning Kung Fu is early childhood – 5 to 10 years!

Once old enough you won’t be much good at it no matter how much you try as your body would not be that flexible.


9. There are 5 Animal styles of fighting in Kung Fu- Crane, Deer, Monkey, Tiger & Bear.

The other styles such as Dragon, Leopard and Snake were introduced much later.


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