Club Pimble

I am going in depression as every one ignores me what should i do
I'm in class ninth and I am too much dull in physics.Plz someone help me watt to do. I need some tips how to improve it.
Guys plz help me I m addicted to the game clash of clans n I can't leave it bcoz of it I m not able to concentrate on anything whenever I try to do anything it starts floating in my head
See guys it's a request. A rally has been organised by the government for saving the rivers. U don't have to do anything but just give a missed call on the no. Given below and spread this message......plz guys spread this message it's for the rivers........the no. Is 80009 80009...#rallyforrivers.......thanku Shirin
Guys I m bored at home after exams........My phone is snatched............there is no place to friends live near my house...........I m only allowed to use cp on internet...........only one hour a fidget is hobby is reading ,reading and reading novels.............I have read alll my novels ie.roal Dahl,Nancy drew,Jacquline Wilson,geronimo Stilton......etc ..".............bachata yaar meeeeeeeee...........................what should I do ????
Hi frz in my unit test exam in science get 20 out of 10 in geography only 20 out of 9 how can I tell this marks to my parents
Exams are coming i need some tips please. Yashaswini
kisi ko pata hai ki india's talent ke auditions kab hai???????? Harman Taank
can anyone tell me how to get long eyelashes at home?? yashvi
hi friends my english teacher always ignore me please tell me what to do
What's the formula of (a+b)3 ? Pratik
In our class nobody wants to my froend now what to do
Hii everyone!!I am using this site after a month.I am in standard seven.Will anyone accompany me????? Chahat
hi friends, my school is taking us to goa for the tour but my parents are not allowing me to go , they are saying that its not safe and all. but i really want to go and i told to them but they are not allowing me to go. my all friends are going and i never went to tour before. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Hardik
please tell me some lines on open office writter ashwika
Hii frz i am jayashri i want essay on importance of english immediately please help me
Hii Frndz...I'm new on this site and I'm a sick lover of watching Hollywood movies especially the horror stories so can any one tell me some more movies? Aditi
How to upload pimbles???? Yashaswini
hi i want an essay on' THE PAST IS THE ROOT OF THE PRESENT' need it urgently....pls suggest Avani
I am in my new class but i didnt know why know one what to beccome my friend. I always behave politely and i do help of others what should i do? Ria
Hi I m new on this site please tell me how to work on this site please????????
frnds i m in 10 class in ICSE school i have to write a picture composition can u plzz suggest me topics for it???? disha
I have a best friend , I know her since my childhood . But now I am feeling like she thinks I have no value. I don't know why she started behaving like I am nothing. she forces me to cheat in test which I don't like to.. I have no other friend in my class so I don't want to lose her even she doesn't but how can I make her feel that even I have feelings and also have self respect so what can I do to regain my self respect. Ria
Hey guys I m in a big problem.......My mom dad and brother is going to ranchi without me nd I m going to stay at my badi mammi ’s house.....????????I don't want to go there plzzzzzzzzzzzz help they r going today night only Shirin
hi i need some essays on,'JOYS AND SORROWS GO HANDS IN HANDS'...pls suggest.... Avani
I did not know about how to crack TOEFL exam any body help me
I am going for a trip to mount Abu . Can you plz tell me how we can make our trip more exciting
can anyone tell me a website which help people to know about different mechanisms of different devices? eraj
Hey I m a new user can anybody be my friend?
My friends say that I am very boring and they do not talk to me properly .but I like to make new friends,What should I do?Can anyone of you be my friend? Aastha
Hii Guys Can anyone tell me how I get free PDFs of books from internet or from which site i can download them. Do suggest some interesting books :--) Kratika
Hi . I m Sanvi. But everyone tease me by calling me sandvi or sandwich(except girls). What should I do. (Please don't tease me.).???????????? Sanvi
my small brother always teases me and my mother scolds me only what should i do pathik
which sport should i join (outdoor sports) , as i am not good enough in athletics(cricket ,football) and i am not interested in swimming , cycling,tennis and badminton Gur
hey friends!!!!!! can anyone tell me the meaning of pimble aviral
It's an essay- suppose you could just once meet an animal that can talk which animal would you like to talk the most and how do you think the conversation might go ?
hi friends I am new on this site I am in class 5 can anyone friendship with me??? aviral
how to mail something or how we can know that we have recieved mail venu
Hey friends!!! I am a truly good reader. And as I am sick in my bed I want you to suggest some book series. I have already read The Famous Five, Roald Dahl and a comics series. Do you have any more suggestions??? Gauri
Hey friends!!! I have just now taken a new pet pup of breed Labrador. Can I suggest something about his pet peeve??? Gauri
hey guys i am short and fat....pls tell me ways to become tall and thin.also i have very bad handwritting...tell me ways to improve it. thanks in advance:-)
My brother is bad at studies and he is in 1st class what should I do? Aanya
heyy i m new on this site can anyone be my friend..?? disha
Is anyone of std VII to acompany me venu
My father is going to buy a music system for me , but I'm confused that whether I should buy a piano or a music system venu
I am very much talkative so, How can I reduce my habit of talking and questioning ? Aastha
Hey friends! I want to ask that I have made a post on I've written all the matter that I want to write and now please tell me how to post it? Avika
My marks in history is low how i can improve my history subject Indrajeet
frnds plzzz suggest me how can i improve my eyesight???? disha
I want to get Bravery Award ? How can I get it? plzz help me!!!! Ansh
What should I give my sister on her 13th birthday which is on 18th may
Hi friends, i am tallest in my class but i am little bit fat, how should i reduce my fat Aditya
Me n my bestie r having some issues. ... i guess she is a bit jealous of me... i dunno to overcome this negative situation. ..??? YASHIKA
On 18th their is my mom and dad!s anniversary but i wouldn't be with them what should i give them plz suggest na !! Ananya
Hey guys!! I saw the fun pimble about ..books to read this vacation and i m quiet satisfied with all the i need some more suggestions about books to read.. (I like the ines which have- thrill ,suspense,adventure,horror,detective,etc.) Thank You Shruti
Hey friends i am now in 5 standard and next year i have to choose between urdu and sanskrit i have interest in urdu but i think if i will choose urdu than everything i learned in 4 and 5 of sanskrit will be wasted .please tell me what should i choose because i want to prepare it now only! aamina
I' m very bad in sports what can i do??
What should i do in this summer vacation. ..its jus the qst day n i can feel extreme boredom
I am very aggressive so what should I do to avoid anger and to Talk and behave properly
hi friends my friends are very rude with me because i'm the best dancing person of my class and also every year i get the price of best student and miss.class and that is why my friends are very rude with me what can i do ?????????? Harman
On my birthday I will be at my nani's home, so how should I celebrate it there. Aastha
Will anyone liketo my best friend?Please........ Aastha
on 28 april there was a birthday of my sister i dont know which typeof gift i have to my sister.. yashvi
How can I increase my stamina? Aastha
in my class 9 class teacher said you have to sit according to your roll no. but i dont want t sit with my seat partner yash he have a roll no. before me ................i want to sit with my best friend Ayushi what can i do now.............
Hi friends, I am in 8 th std ,my best does not trust me,she always lies to me. What should I do? Aastha
HI, friends my class teacher told me to write a poem yourself so in which topic I should write and give me some tips also shruti
any user of class 8 using ncert books send me question and answers of ch 3 in hindi main course book.............QUESTION BY YASHVI CHAPTER 3 BAS KI YATRA
Hi Friends! I have to buy a new phone and my budget is minimum 30,000 and i cannot select a phone. Can anyone suggest me a good phone . Harman Taank
which songs are good for western solo dance (hindi)and female versions only...???
I m very naughty in class how can I improve myself Himani
Plz tell me how to behave properly in class.I m very naughty
What to do as I see very much serials
I have a dangerous fear or water in science it is called hydrophobia what can I do to kill the fear of water Sofia
i m so lazy this is my biggest weakness please friends give me some suggestion ishita
My friend is not trusting me.... So what should I do to build TRUST between both of us.
hi friends i will make my pimble but i was not know how to upload my pimble plz help me....
How I can control my temper ? Aanya
hi frnds i have a science project so i have to make a science model for that. i have checked on internet but i am not satisfied. pl give me some ideas shubhi
I have a very dull room .Can anyone tell me something so I can make my room a little brighter ..Tell me something about the princess Elsa, Elena, Rapunzel and Anna. Aanya
hi i am in 5 class but now i am going to 6 class and i want to become the monitor then .i am worried will i become the monitor or not please help me RIDHIMAA
What should I join group coaching or individual coaching or self study is good? please suggest friends? Dhruv
i am very tensed about my next class 9th because there is so lengthy and hard syllabus what should I do friends?????? Dhruv
I scored bad marks in my exam what should I do to win back my parents trust Aaditya
My parents never belive me whenever i open my phone they starts peep in it they even read my persnol dairy please help Aaditya
i have a problem in history . i can't learn it please help me.
MY height is too short. What can I do? Pratyush
hiii, friends my name is yashvi... but i don't know what was the meaning of my name can u tell me what is the meaning of YASHVI
me and my family transferred to Lucknow but i don't want to leave my school........... it is very difficult to settle in new school............................. yashvi
Many of my friends dont like to play with me thats why i choosed club pimble . If anyone like me feeling alone can be my friend. Yashaswini
Hi i am Yashaswini i am worried about my exam results please help me to get of this worry. Yashaswini
I want to improve my social skills and communication power and want to be a interesting personbecause my friends without listening to me start their own chat or pass me by just smiling. Sometimes I feel that I am not a part of the group. Reenat
my hair is too short i want to increase it fast what do...... yashvi
hey guys I am krupa my matha is very poor and whenever I try to concentrate my mind always distract what should I can do? ? krupa
hey guys I am in 9th and I am very good in studies but next year l am going to attempt board exams so I am very very tensed can you suggest how could I feel little bit relax???? krupa
Hi i like playing football so how can i increase my stamina??///
Hi my maths is horrible What can i do to improve it ??????????????????? Tanishk
how do i concentrate on studies instead of video games justin
I am Weak in Science . Plz Help Me : ( Akrati AKRATI
I m in class6 and my history is very bad what can i do to improve my history
My exams are near please help me and tell which subject to give max importance
how can i control my temper
I am going to shift at my new home. Can you suggest me some girlish themes and new trends for my room. Size is 11ft×10ft Ria
hey friends i am overweight what can i do to loose it
I am in 7th Class.I'm not good At HISTORY.What should I do to make my interest in it?
my maths subject is not good so anyone tell me how i can improve my maths pls tell me justin
i am a good athlete and a bronze medalist but i want to increase my speed and stamina what can i do
i want to became an ias officer and iam commerce student so how i will prepare to that
My friends always ignore me what I should do to improve them... Mishthi
My friends always ignore me what I should do to improve them... Mishthi
i have one best friend yamini..... her class section has been changed and now she have many friends in that section nd she egnor me what can i do because i am i dont think i give the place of bast friend to another MANSEE
I have a really bad spit nail I cut it of and it grows the same way again .each layer of it is coming out it looks really bad please help me.
Hey I am Chahat and I am making a model of the four spheres of the earth for SST can I make the lithosphere.I had checked it on YouTube,Google,Diys,etc. Help me out.?????
can anyone tell me how to increase height?
Hey friends I dont like can I develop concentration in that subject?????? Kshiti
i am underweight what should i do Yashaswini
Hello friends. I have a best friend Pari. But she is always after a girl named Yukti. I think she is ignoring me. I also think that she is just saying that I am her best friend.
My birthday is on 29 jan but i dont want to celebrate i want to do something for poor people what should i do . Yashaswini Yashaswini
I am going to shift at my new home. I decided a girlish theme for my room . Can you friends please suggest me some new trends for decorating my room. Room is 11×10 sq. Ft Ria
I have a few friends . I feel very alone please suggest me something so that I shall not feel alone.
I am in 8th class and I have to make a maths model . It should be working or something very logical. I want to make a unique model. Give me some ideas.
I have an article for club pimble .I stored it in "your pimble" coloumn. Now how can I share it on clubpimble website.
I always tries to upload my pimble on clubpimble but it don't get uploaded..................maybe I was doing wrong, so can any body tell me how to upload your pimble????? Charmi
my parents dont believe me help Yashaswini
I want to increase my height what should i do Yashaswini
I cannot upload my pimble can anyone tell me how to do that?????? Charmi
i am student of class 11th commerce and passed 10th with 9.4 CGPAand want to be became an ias officer so pls tell me guide me how i study to that
can any user of class 9 {ncert,cbse/} help me in studying the chapter named ELECTORAL POLITICS of the most boring subject CIVICS 3:( Pakhi
My teacher gives a project to make a volcano from plaster of Paris. How can I made? Give me some advice! Sammayra
hi dosto i m participated in solo dance competition of kathak which song i choose
my english teacher never gives attention to me i am in class 7 what can i do pathik
i was a topper in 8th class.but in 9th class i am bit of distrubed and not able to concentrate on my to gain that concentration again YASH
hi I am Akshit,my friends always tease me what should I do?
hai friends i am Archie . I do not like vegetables . but my parents always tell to eat vegetables. what can I do Archie
Hi I am geetika I study at 8 th standard I always score good marks but my parents are not satisfied what should I do??? geetika
hey ! everyone m in 8th standard and in my future in want to do job in google but m confused that which subject i should choose in 11th Prerna
what can i do .... i forgot the passward of my meritnation account and i want to log in..... and there is also something wrong with my gmail ????? the msg of hint to change passward is not coming what i do .... its really important ;( Pakhi
My Concept In Maths Is Not Clear What should I Do ? Avni
I want to become a Badminton Player ,my half time is gone in playing badminton and I din't get time for studying and i want to study too what should I do ?my result this time was very bad I want to Improve please give me a way.......I request you all [AKARSH]
i want to became a doctor but i m only 11 years old what i do... yashvi
My friend always ignore me and behave like me as i am a untouchable..
i I cant make friends please help help help help
hi friends my parents take my phone and said if i get good marks in maths then they will give me what should I do and they also said they dont have to give me phone because i am 10 years old please give me solution/? Prerna
I have a fb account, but my parents are not allowing me to handle it from 3 years. i wanna use it, what can i do??????? Sahil
My brother is in class 6 and he is just terrible please give me the solution of this problem. vidhi
my youtube is not working what should i do how to download it
my sister always disturbs me but she is in 7 class what can i do
I sometimes think that my English teacher is ignoring me. She gives very less chance to me to take part in our class discussion. Please help me by giving suggestions to make her understand my feelings.
I want to become a footballer.But my father tells me be a computer engenier.But I dont want to be that.What should I do?
I score good marks in my exams. But the problem is my marks in the Hindi exam are the worst. How can I get good marks in Hindi too? Please suggest VARUN
friends i am good in studies but my hindi writing is terrible !!!! pls suggest how i can improve it shubhi
my thinking is so serious and many times negative thoughts comes to me and because of that i cannot concentrate on my studies.please give me a suggestion
my school is going to participate in the Bournvita quiz contest , next week. But my teacher dont knows which kind of questions should we prepare,i am going to represent my school > which type of questions should i prepare> tell me some gud websites also to surf on! QUETSION BY - SHRUTI Shruti
Mariam is my best friend.She think that I have stolen her house prefect batch .But I have not stolen her batch.Then what should I do now. Jeevanshu
i want to to top exam please tell me some method
i love cricket but i cant play in my society so what should i do ? hitarth
i want to start my career as a I am good at it..but this is my 10th standard what should I do?
i love painting, so whenever i tried to paint i do not know in which topic i should paint ruhi
My class mates are terrible! Although i play a multiplayer game with them, they are always ready to trouble me. What can i do to make them realized that it hurts me? kalash
At the end of the day I am to tired. but i wan't to join dance classes too :( shivani
I can not decide what to wear. Most of my clothes remain unused . And I do not know what to do? sargam
Friends help me I want to became collector so which subject so I choose SUHANI
i want to become a footballer so what subject should i choose himansh
my father told me we will go indore 5 oct.but i have many exams like navodya,chintana sci.,maths,gk and drawing exams. so,what to do ruhi
i always forget my work what to do and i am very tensedhow to do, what to do,in which time i have to do e.g. homework,study,tution etc. lucy
I am in 8th grade.I love drawing and painting. I am good in study too. I have still not decided my carrier and future I am so confused because I never want to leave drawing but I want to earn name and feme in this field. What should I become?
I Want To Study But My Mind Diverts Every Time And In Class Also I Cannot Study Because My Friend Cracks Joke And My Mind Diverts. What Should I Do? PPLLEEAASSEE HHEELLPP MMEE.. Raghav
i had fought with my friend. we was best friend. but we both are not speaking with each other since two years. I want to speak with him because now I knew that it was my mistake. plz suggest me how can I convience him. Sahil
My eyesight's not perfect and I don't want to wear glasses. Can someone suggest me a cure ?
I am going for Inter dps badminton tournament . I am very nervous and stressed .What should I do to lower my stress? Kanishkaa
I always sleep in my social class though i never get caught but i miss the studies. My teacher never scold me cause i got 29 marks out of 30 in FA II . Don't suggest for a time table cause i always break the rules! Arya
hey friends i have a very big problem.IT IS MY HIGH TEMPER.whenever i get angry,i beat the person who had made me angry or i take the revenge in other way and try to make him sad,angry or shameful.because of my temper no one in my class dares to say something in font of me.i cannot concentrate in my studies after all.please give me some tips to control my anger. Katy
I'm a addicted to Clash of Clans how can i give it up its irresistible for me plz help me shivansh
I am participating in solo song comp. my topic is vedic song plse tell some vedic songs. prachi
my exams r near and im the topper of my class bt i m nt able to quickly complete my cource plz give some suggestions...
please help me friends i cannot concentrate on my studies. when i am studying it"s always confusing me which subject to study first and in thinking this i spend my whole studying time. :( & :) Priyanshu
i want to dance in a competition that will be held in my school..and i have prepared it i m nt able to get suitable costume for song is PINGA from the movie BAJIRAO MASTAANI..i m nt able to find the kind of SAREE they wear..pls tell me if yu guys know any remedy..!! Shruti
hey.. i want to get rid of my pimples,they are just spoiling my face ..pls give sugestions. Avani
HOW CAN I TELL MY PARENTS TO MAKE MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT??????????????????????????????????????
our school has organized ASSET examination. there are many subjects' test in it. maths was also there. In my maths test i have DONE very silly mistakes. Please suggest me a way how to improve in Maths? VARUN
hey friends tommarow i am going to celebrate my birthday at my school.which hair style should i make?please give me quick answers
i want to increase health of my hairs as they are not so long trisha
i am not able to learn tables properly.once i learn tables then after some time forget it. please help me and give me a suggestion. trisha
I want to join singing but the reason is i dont have time . pls suggest me
I like doing many things. My interest keeps varying from make up to sports to anything. what should I do?
I am in 6th class and I have got 81 %. I am very good in studies so my parents are disappointed.My teachers are happy but parents sad and I have made many silly mistakes.My parents are telling that I'm over confident .Please suggest me a way so that I can play and study big answers also ... Samiya
i want to make a handicraft on punjabi culture . plse tell what i will make and how.
i m good in all subjects and score good till 8th class but in 8th i m very tensed due to history i dont like history till 8th i scored vry good in it but i m affraid of it please tell me how i learn history . prachi prachi
I am a very excellent student of my class. I always top in exams but the thing is because of studies i am not able to play basketball for my school team. And I think I should be. Suggest Please.
I am in 3rd std. I love to keep fish bowl but after every few days a fish dies, so this time my father told me not to keep any fishes. How can I tell him that I want them, as they are my best friends.
I appeared for std. 7th exams and have scored very low in my class. But in the next class I want to score good grade. For this, should I stop watching TV and playing with friends?
I am in 5th class. I don't want to go to school. I keep making excuses everyday! How should I develop my interest in going to school and doing studies. Please help.