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Many doctors recommend that one should never drink water just before and after the meals. That leads us to the question why? Why is it not recommended? And when is the correct time to drink it? Read this article to know more...

Drinking sufficient water is very necessary for our body. Especially in summers when the water content of our body is released through sweating. But there are some scientific reasons for why you should avoid drinking fluids before or after your meals.

Why you should not drink water before meals?
It weakens the digestive system by diluting the gastric juice and it is inversely related to the strength of the digestive system. And those people who are prescribed to take medicines before meals should take an hour before in a limited quantity of water.

What happens when you drink water immediately after having your food?

It directly affects the quality of the food and strength of the digestive system. Whatever food you consume, water works as a coolant on it. According to Ayurveda, practicing this regularly can make you gain weight.

Then when to have water after taking a meal?
Drink water after 30 minutes, when you're done with your meal. It will give you the feeling of fullness and quench your thirst. And after an hour or two, you can drink as much amount of water you want to. 

What to do if you can not control your thirst
If you're not able to control your thirst and want to drink water in between the meals, make sure you drink it in minimal amount. Also, make sure you drink water at room temperature as chilled water can make digestive enzymes inactive and may lead to a build-up of toxic waste inside the body.

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