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Cakes probably got their start in ancient Egypt when an enterprising bread baker added honey to his loaves. Since then, it's taken off, taking on its own unique look and flavor in regions all over the world. Some of these traditional cakes are common favorites today, but a few might be new to you. On the occasion of World Baking Day, let’s have a look at the varieties of cake the world has to offer!

1. Gateau de Rois - France
The English name of this cake would be the “King´s Cake”. Traditionally this cake is eaten after Christmas, during the first week of January. Made of layers of buttery puff pastry topped with powder sugar, it is then wrapped around rich almond cream. It is then baked until the outer layer acquires a toasted look.


2. Tres Leches Cake - Mexico
This Mexican cake is a combination of moist and rich, with a very different taste from usual sponge cakes. The base of the dish is a butter sponge cake that will later be soaked in three kinds of milk, condensed, evaporated and regular. Usually it is topped with whipped cream or Meringue.
3. Black Forest Cake - Germany
Although it is widely believed that this cake has originated from Switzerland, Germans have perfected it and made it as famous. The cake is made of a few layers of chocolate cake separated by cherries and topped by whipped cream, chocolate shavings and some more cherries for decorative purposes.

4. Revani - Turkey And Greece
Revani is a moist cake elaborated with semolina and a bit of lemon. Orange syrup is  used to make this dry cake into a smoother and tastier dish. Given the connection and similarity between Greece and Turkey, this kind of cake appears in both cuisines.
5. Mochi - Japan
Mochi is a traditional Japanese cake made of rice paste. Although it can be found in different varieties like ice creams or even soups. Given the fact that the rice paste can be  easily moulded and combined with a wide range of ingredients, an unlimited variety of Mochi cakes can be found.
6. Mawa Cake - India
Mawa cakes are milk based cakes with a touch of cardamom and nuts like almonds or cashews. The Mawa is solidified milk obtained through the process of cooking the milk very slowly so that the liquid evaporates. Although it is rarely found in market now-a-days, it was once a very famous dessert.

7. Pavlova - Australia And New Zealand
Named after the famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, this meringue cake was created during her visit to New Zealand. Pavlova is cooked in many different ways, usually being garnished with fruits, usually kiwis and strawberries.
8. Vetkoek - South Africa
Adopted from the first Dutch immigrants that arrived in South Africa around 1800s, Vetkoek have become very popular in the African country. This cake in reality is more like a pastry made from cake dough containing raisins and currants. That dough is moulded into small rounded balls and deep fried in oil to be finally topped with syrup, sugar or honey.

9. Angel Food Cake - United States
A uniquely American sponge cake with a divine, light consistency. It isn't hard to imagine how angel food cake got its name. It is made of flour, sugar and egg whites. A whipping agent, such as cream of tartar is commonly added. It differs from other cakes because it uses no butter.
10. Dundee Cake - Scotland
It is a Scottish fruit cake made with raisins and currants, although depending on the recipe different cherries can also be used. Despite the spongy look, the Dundee Cake has a very light texture and a very rich flavour.

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